Wednesday, November 6, 2013

November 4, 2013

Dearest familia, 

Holy Cow, the weeks here seem like millenniums. But another week has come and gone. Many things happened this week like: i got the package from Karli and Brett! on Halloween, which was even greater because we took it home and decorated the house... aka a window with all the skeletons and webs and spiders. i put one of the spiders on the door going outside and i think i got everyone to jump at least once. including me! haha

so the reason i got my package was because i was in the mission office with my companion because she is sickly and had a meeting with the president. While we were there the president said  he had caught wind that i could sing so he asked if i would learn all this music to sing at Christmas for a special mission something or other. of course i was all yeah! i love singing. BUT the catch is i have solomente p-days to learn it and its 90 pages long... AND i don't have like a cd or anything so i will definitely be relying on the spirit to have it learned and MEMORIZED by Christmas

in other news, we got to move up Jeremys baptismal date because hes already come to church twice!!! woo so that will happen this week instead of next week. Kevin missed church but he is still on for next week. also we are getting transferred to another part of Guayaquil so we have to say goodbye to all of our friends here :( luckily i get to stay with my companion!!! woo! 

So in Ecuador there was a big hallabalu about guess who: Justin Beiber... i think im supposed to find him and share the gospel with him or something becauase im almost postitive he was in china when i was too... 

speaking of china... everyone here asks me if im chinese. which i think is a bit funny considering that i actually lived there.. but apparently i have chinese eyes and the fact that i have extrememly blonde hair and im taller then most chinese (and ecuadorians) doesnt matter! 

well thats all for this week! 

I love you all :)
Hermana Whitmore

 the package from Karli and Brett!

 me and my companera cooking unhealthy empenadas late at night!

our investigator, Kevin

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