Tuesday, March 25, 2014


March 24, 2014

Dearest Familia  mio!

My week wasn't that exciting but not every moment of the mission has to be exciting right?  So this week we didn't have any baptisms BUT the siblings of one of my conversos got baptized so we got to watch that! It's amazing how the gospel changes people! This family was sooo shy before and now they are all happy and excited about life and say hi to people in the ward and TALK! its soo awesome to see people change like that. 
This week we had 10 people in church and we only brought 1. the other nine came on their own! how awesome is that. 6 of the 9 are a family... ish, mom, her dad, kids and cousins but they are soo awesome and I'm soo excited to see them get baptized como una familia! 
Cambios were a little crazy this week because one of the ZL´s had cambios Monday but our new ZL was coming from the Galapagos SO he didn't get here until Saturday! (that's how cambios work when part of the mission is in the middle of the ocean). It didn't effect us (the hermanas) that much, it was just strange to have one ZL. 
Yesterday I sang in church... I feel like it's my calling to sing at all the baptisms and in church.. oh well! haha but we sang "as sisters in Zion" and changed the words to be for everyone. pretty cool! 
So I've hit the point where I can read the scriptures in Spanish and I understand all of it! and I love it! and I learn soo much! and I don't understand how I didn't feel this way before about the scriptures! They are sooo cool and all the stories literally can help everyone in one way or another! I sooo much took for granted the book of Mormon before and now I just want to read it all the time! I can't wait to get home and show you guys my scriptures because they are sooooo cool! haha 
Just know: I know that the BOM is another testament of Jesus Christ. Every word in that book was inspired of God. Through the book of Mormon we can find every answer we ever needed. all the inspiration that we ever needed. The Book of Mormon changes lives and its changed mine over and over and over again. I'm soo grateful for the opportunity I have to be a missionary and serving the Lord and the people here in Ecuador everyday! 
I love you all! Tenga una buena semana!
Hermanita Whitmore

Vanessa and Bryon! Yajahiras (my converso) siblings! 

Hermana Amanda y Hermana Matamores- Relief society presidente and one of my mamitas!

Elder Dickerson is working in the same sector as me!!! 

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