Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Day Has Finally Come... Apparently!

Today was my last day to prepare to depart on my mission. I thought! 

This morning was great. I took my time to pack my bags, make sure everything is spread out amoungst the bags evenly, and that my bags only weighed 50 lbs each. My aunts and Grandma are so amazing that they took the time to go for a final lunch with me at Cafe Rio. After lunch, we went and messed around at DI and found a table for Grandma, then took it to her new apartment in Tooele and then slowly made our way home. Upon arrival at home it was about 1:00 PM, so we start checking items off our to do list: finish loading music on my music player, finish setting up blog, print out passwords for the madre, all the usual last-minute stuff. Whilst I was being productive, my mother was finding out how much money I would have to shell out to get my bags to Peru, and decided to see if she could check me in on-line. She tried many times to type in the right number and when she finally got it, all she could say was “OH NO....OH ...no” 

By the 3rd or 4th “oh no”, I kindly let my mother know “Mom.... you’re scaring me...”. To make a long story short: my mother turned the computer and on my itinerary it said that I was to go to the Mexico MTC. 7 hours ago! Let’s just say that there was crying and there were calls made. After a while and no one really explaining anything to me: I found out that all three sources that SHOULD have informed me of my changed departure failed. Those three sources being my stake president, the mail, and multiple e-mails. Somehow, none of these sources worked and I had no record of the change made to my itinerary!! The weird thing is that I specifically asked my stake president and he said that he hadn’t ever heard of a change (I believe him because none of these other things worked.) Anywho, the lady I talked to on the phone said that she had an e-mail sent to me, I probably just never received it. Also, there WAS a new itinerary sent to me and I just never got it in the mail. 

After much deliberation and crying, I realize that this is all O.K. Like my mission scripture says “Trust in the Lord, and lean not unto thine own understanding”. Maybe some event is supposed to take place tomorrow that I need to be involved in. Maybe, the yellow fever shot I got to go to Peru really will come in handy down the line. Maybe we would have gotten in an accident going to the airport this morning... I may never know, but I do know that the Lord has a hand in all things and I need to trust in the things that happen! 

I can’t wait to be a missionary... tomorrow! See you all in 18!

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