Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Week 3

Hey Family,
This week has been pretty crazy. The whole country has been going loco because of independence day! Every night there are fireworks and gunshots and sirens... pretty crazy. So on Saturday Presidente Pratt put together an independence day program for all the missionaries. We gathered in the Gym and watched cultural dancing and fireworks (yes inside) and a movie on Mexican history. That was really fun, especially because we sat by the natives and they were going crazy! The next night, Sunday, was the "Grita", which is a shout for the independence of Mexico. The best part, or worst part (depending on how you look at it) was that the "Grita" was at 11:00 PM so we were out way past bed time. Which will never happen again with permission from the mission president. Anywho, that was crazy because the Presidente of Mexico would read "Viva (a name of a famous guy)" then the whole country would shout "VIVA!". Pretty much it was awesome. Before the program started, the security came in and warned us to get home as soon as possible afterwards because of all the bullets that would be flying through the air. Dont worry, i didnt get hit with anything.
So that was probably the most exciting part of my week, its been pretty hard. We teach our investigators everyday and pretty much we are getting no where with them. Ive realized that there are 4 parts to learning a language... 1. Be able to understand what people are saying. 2. have the words to respond 3. be able to write it. 4 ( and this is the hardest one) relearn the parts of english so you can understand what the teaching books are talking about.
OH! also this week, we got kicked out of our house so that was fun. We came home for gym one day and there was a sign that said the bathrooms were unsafe so everyone gets to move to a casa around the corner. We have 2 new roommates and they are super cute. I felt bad though because we totally killed the schedule they had. They havent had roommates and they have been here for 4 weeks!
Um.... One of my teachers is actually studying chinese history, and wants to study in none other then NANJING! So I got to talk to him about that, and it was pretty fun :)
I got to go to the temple today, and i actually understood some of it this time. It was really fun!
Love you all.
I love being missionary and someday I will actually understand the people im teaching instead of just loving them!

Hermana Whitmore
The hermanas and i with one of the dancers at the independencia celebracion!

 This one is just me being artistic!! :) Woot
  it rains everyday here... Yes everyday! And dad will appreciate this... my umbrella totally broke the first week... just like he said it would!

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