Tuesday, October 8, 2013

They want to keep me here FOREVER!!!!

Dearest Familia,
So today has been the longest day EVER! It started off just a normal last day at the CCM, we were going to go print off our boarding passes. When we arrived at the computer lab and i typed in my confirmation number, big suprise! i dont exsist in the system. However, many a person said that this was normal so i remained calm and called the travel people. On the phone they kindly gave me a new confirmation number and then he said something strange: From mexico city to bogota to quito... WHAT? Quito?! Yeah definitely that is on the other side of the country from where i want to be going. I politely told the man this and he had the gall to say i was WRONG! Anywho... after many hours, they got me a new confirmation number and a plane to the right half of Ecuador. But as i was looking for which seat i would like to sit in, my dear Elder Dickerson noticed that his seat wasn't blocked out... strange... i go back and check and low and behold im on a different flight 8 hours later from Bogota to Guayaquil. So awesome i get to spend 8 hours by myself in the Drug capital of the world. no Bigs. Anywho, i call the travel people who recognize my voice by this point and ask if i can be changed to the flight that at least has my companion on it... yeah THEY have no available seats so im stuck in Columbia. But then they decide its probably not wise to have a sister missionary in a strange land by herself for 8 hours so they say go find some elders to switch you tickets. I thought they meant a companionship of elders so they could be alone together but when i asked Elders Whetton and Surowiec, they only changed Elder Whettons seat. This is still in the happenings so nothing is set in stone. I just checked my number and im still on the later flight but they said come back at 8 and see.... Keep your fingers crossed that someone will  get everything straightened out! Anywho that is the update on that.
Other happenings this week, oh well today, we had an amazing ... blessings meeting? with the whole district. Everyone got a priesthood blessing and it was amazing! Elder Dickerson gave me a blessing. His first ever. He did a fine job i might add :) All the elders did great! it was most of their first time giving a blessing so it was really fun to see them overcome that fear of "the first blessing" and follow the spirit. Also today, we had to pack up all our stuff and Hermana Bennett left a whole bunch of stuff so we found the cleaning lady and said she could have it. She was sooo excited but she was like you have to write a note that says i can take it. So we just wrote a note that said she could have everything in the basket. It was like a hair curler, my straightener, jewelry, books and food. So simple and she was so grateful. It was really tender!
Alright... que mas que mas? OH DUH! General Conference!! Favorite GC moments:
1) Carole M. Stephens whole talk!
2) President Uckdorf's talk... the whole thing. It is so applicable to everyone. Best quote "Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith" nuff said.
3) Jeffery R. Holland "Live by faith, live fast by hope, and show compassion one to another"
4) M. Russell Ballard something he said made me realize that i need to take investigators by the hand and INTRODUCE them to Christ. I cant just talk to them about him but let them know him for themselves.
5)Elder Richard J. Maynes how we need to develop spiritual strength and perserverance.
6) and of course Elder Christofferson! That guy is awesome :)
In the CCM they schedule those whole 2 days around conference so the schedule was literally: get up, eat, study, GC, study, eat, study, GC, study eat study, RS and EC repeat for sunday.BUT it was so awesome. Apparently they took pictures of us that might be in the Ensign/Liahona so look out :)
On Friday, we had infield training. It was literally all day!!! We talked mostly about working with the members and quick contacting. we also covered planning and goal setting. It was a long day and it kind of feels like we didnt talk about that much. Crazy.
Other then that its been pretty normal. just scootin along waiting to head out to Ecuador if they will even allow that to happen for me!
I love you all!
Hermana Whitmore

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  1. P.S. Krista got a seat on the flight to Ecuador with everyone else and after they had all said a prayer or many prayers, the elder that would have had to stay behind actually got a seat on the flight also! The power of prayer is great and the faith of missionaries is amazing!
    ~krista's mom