Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Week 4- The ULTIMA Semana

Dearest Familia,

What happened this week? OH! I went outside the wall (the giant 15 foot barbed wire wall that surrounds the CCM). After i finished emailing you last week, we went to the clinic so i could get my eyes checked and they just wisked us away and we were gone for the rest of the day! The traffic here is crazy and it didnt help that it was rush hour. It took us 2 hours to get to the eye doctor and then she made me wear these goof-tastic glasses that looked like the ones on national treasure. I, however, do not have a picture because we had nothing with us when we left the CCM. After the optometrist figured out my perscription, she gave me one frame to choose from. I picked the blue ones because they look the LEAST giant on mi cara. Picture to come.
Que mas, que mas? This is my last week here!!!! It is seriously so crazy. I can not believe how fast the time goes here. But we have this saying that days seem like weeks and weeks seem like days. Even the head honchos know this saying. One of them mentioned it in a meeting we had on Sunday. It is was pretty funny. He also mentioned the 14th article of faith... yeah... Id never heard of it either but here it is. "We believe in meetings. We believe in all meetings, we hope for meetings, our rears have endured many meetings and have yet to endure many meetings." It goes on but i dont remember it... haha Anywho. we actually used that in a lesson we had with some other missionaries that are a week behind us. the topic was the importance of church. it was crazy. Ive never had the spirit yell at me so hard to say something. Luckily they spoke english so i could say it without having to think of it in spanish first. Also this week, my espanol has improved immensly. Its because i just read it as spanish instead of trying to translate it into english. it makes it so much better! Im not at the point were i can read the scriptures in spanish but im getting there!
My testimony has grown so much this week too! i thought i had a testimony before but compared to now it was nothing!!! I cant even imagine what my life would be like without this mission and its only been 5 weeks!!!
Sorry its short today but nothing really that exciting happened. All our native friends left so we have no one to play soccer with anymore :(
Te amo todos! and there is no place i would rather be but aqui! (That was a little language rhyming for you :) )
Hermana Whitmore

nuestro nativo amigos that play futbol with us!

the cage. this is where we play soccer!

mi distrito con  rama (branch) presidentes. our last week of church was on sunday because of GC.

They made me pay $50 for these babies because im "norte americano"... they thought i wouldnt understand spanish when they said that one :)

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