Friday, January 24, 2014

Three weeks of January

(January 6, 2014) FELIZ AÑO FAMILIA!
The first days of the year here were so strange because everyone is so friendly... todos personas dicen "feliz anos" to everyone! New years was awesome. we had to stay in the casa but at midnight we woke up and stuck our heads out the window to watch the festivities! There were fireworks everywhere and fires all the way down the street from the burning muñecas. So yeah that was fun. This week was a little rough because none of our fechas are progressing. WE NEED to find new people to teach. That's our goal for this week.
Also, fun story. On pday last week we went and got our hair cut... yeah the lady cutting our hair was definitely a man... so weird and now i see him-her everywhere with her boyfriend... I've also become more aware of people like that and they are EVERYWHERE! Seriously every salon there are at least 2! yikas. anywho... not much has happened this week. there were transfers so we got a new elder in our rama from Mexico and he was in a mariachi band. so pretty much he is really cool!
I think that's it :) i love you all. i love being in Santa Rosa where the church, the temperature and the rain keeps growing!
Until next week!
Hermana Whitmore

(January 13, 2014) Hola Familia!
Well this week has been interesting... well not really. We have investigators and then on Sunday they all don't come to church again and then we have to drop them because they aren't keeping commitments. BUT we are working on obediencia con exactitud because for the amount we are obedient we get blessings and we need all the blessings we can get! The asistentes came and we had a meeting with them and Elder Pomares gave us assignments on what to study. so,Saturday i studied about how i could be a better disciple of Christ and i read the Scripture Lucas 14: 33 "así, pues, cualquiera de vosotros que no renuncie a todas las cosas que posee no puede ser mi discípulo". i was thinking that i need to give up a lot of things but mostly i need to give up my pride for learning Spanish. Always i want to be speaking in English "because i can understand it and actually have a conversation" but yeah so this week I'm working on my humility and hopefully it will help me with everything!!
Sorry its short this week and i didn't explain the scripture very well but you can ponder it and learn something for yourself! haha i love you all!
Hermana Whitmore

(January 20, 2014) Dear familia,
my view of time has changed because of your letter! its crazy to think that i only have 14 months left to do all that i need to do! and all that i need to improve about myself! i need to get working!!!
This week i got a new companion.. big surprise! She is also from Peru. That makes 3 Peruvians and 1 Colombiana. Hermana Herrera left for Guayaquil for 2 days for a conference so we have her companion now too. Hermana Iverson! She's awesome but we did splits last night and i was the odd one out so i got to go with a member. BUT by the time that everything got figured out and we got to her house it was raining like crazy so we made food and had a spiritual thought! then my companion and Hermana Iverson showed up and we ate the food. Then it was time to go home! We might have to do the same split today but who knows? not this girl! 

ANywho.. I finally got the package!! i literally almost cried when i saw the socks! GReatest late Christmas present ever! Also i love the missionary book. i read one page everyday to start my study time! i mark the scripture and it makes me want to be better everyday! 
So right now we have these to investigators that are gold!!!! Ful mango bajos ( i'll explain in a minute) one is Isabel and she is 85 years old and crikety and sooo cute! her son angel accepted a fecha the first time we met with him and he's planning on the 8th of February! entoces! a mango bajo is someone with no problems for baptism (can go to church, are married or single, don't drink or smoke, etc.) because they are easy to "reach". 
well that's all! scripture for the week, Alma 29:9
love you! 
Hermana WHitmore

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