Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy New Year! (almost)

December 30, 2013

Mi querido Familia,
This week has been crazy! On Christmas i loved talking to you! I'm sad it got cut short and the sad part is my companion never even got to talk to her family :( Don't worry it wasn't my fault! We didn't have all the information for calling and after going through a countless number of steps to try to find her brothers email, we found out he doesn't even have skype and he wasn't at home! We did get home by curfew and for dinner we had ice cream, cookies and chocolate.
But other then talking to you, I got the best present a missionary could ask for with 2 baptisms! One was a kid named Adrian, 11 years old, and the other a girl named Derly, 20! She is seriously so cute :) When i started teaching her,  teaching changed from teaching lessons to teaching people because she is so loving and friendly. I realized that people are forgiving of my awful speaking ability if I'm teaching them with love! I'm a little sad that it took my brain so long to figure that point of missionary work out!
The rest of the week was normal, Ecuador is a happenin' place at the moment with everyone preparing for the año nuevo. There are muñecas ("dolls") everywhere! Outside our apartment, our neighbors are building an airplane (i think) in the middle of the street!! And its ok that no one can drive that way because its for the New Year... People here are crazy! And i say that in the nicest way :)
Church was a little bit of a letdown because we only had 5 investigators at church and none of them are able to get baptized at the moment because of different things going on in their lives.. Which means all of our fechas fell this week, we are pretty much starting from scratch... bleh. AND we have cambios tonight.. so we'll find out tonight if I'm starting from scratch here or in a new sector! :)
I think that's it.. OH NO! The day after Christmas, Presidente came down because three missionaries weren't able to call their families. We tried to call Hermana Macahuachis family again but her brother was at work... and the other missionaries couldn't get a hold of their families either ...So President took us out for pizza!! Woot :)
Also, while Presidente was here, he looked at my compy's knee because it's hurting her all the time AND she wears a brace... so he looked at it and the next day we had to go into Machala for an MRI? i think it was... this Friday, we'll find out if she needs surgery or not!! YIKAS. Pray for my companion please :)
Well, now I'm sure that's it! Thanks for everything you guys do for me! I love being here and i love this work. It gets better and better everyday!
Hermana Whitmore

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