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April 14, 21, 28 of 2014

i love being sickly...April 14, 2014 2:38 PM

Dearest Familia!
Como estan? This week has just been a treat. I started out great and then about an hour after i sent off the letter last... well that's when the fun began. My kidneys started hurting and then it just went downhill from there. We had to stay in the house Wednesday and Thursday because even though i was feelin pretty good, presidente was worried i had an infectious disease! No se preocupe[worry]- i don't!  well,  just to make sure these things don't come back, I'm taking multiple pills, multiple times a day. woohoo! gotta love south america!
Anywho, real missionary things that happened this week. My testimony of the Book of Mormon grew! Again! It was awesome, we were having a lesson with this one fecha and his cousin and his friend. and this friend is a "bad kid" so to say, does the drugs alcohol, tattoos, all that stuffs and was only talking to us to "give us his opinion" on everything- but we were reading in 2 nefi 31 and after he was all: i wasn't interested before but now i want to listen and i´ll read this other chapter tonight! How cool is that? The book of Mormon can change someone like (*snap) that!
Also, to answer moms questions, Machala is a decently sized city (like... no sé... sandy? but ecuador style!) There is a city center for shopping and its right on the ocean, but i never see it because its in the other zone! we eat a lot of fish and shrimp... and yeah. That's machala! we have this big ol´ huge sector that covers all the outskirts of the town on the way to santa rosa.  Its a little frustrating right now because we don't have people and its really hard to find them, but we wont lose faith or animos![fortitude]
I love being a missionary- even when i'm sick! my testimony grows everyday and i learn a little bit more about Christ too! i love it!
Hermana Whitmore

April 21, 2014

full poder!  [full power]April 28, 2014 2:31 PM

Alright family!
This week was full of spiritually uplifting experiences! We had an Area Seventy come and we had capacitacion[training] with him for 6 hours! it was AWESOME! He got us all excited to work with the members and he talked all about this new era of missionary work! It was so enlightening and ... ah just awesome! I just know that it changed the way I'm going to do everything in my mission. I obviously have a gift with menos activos[less active] because that's literally all we've been able to find this week. Our program looks super sad but really we are just reactivating tons of people! In sacrament meeting we had 4 investigators and 5 menos activos! woo! But that was another miracle by itself because we were only planning on two menos activos and all of our investigators flaked!
So we got to church all depressed-like and one of the conversos[converts] of H. Brule had 3 non member family members and some menos activos were there just because they felt the need to come back to church after five years and he brought his brother who also isn't a member soooo! We put fechas with 2 of them and have plans for the other ones for this week! Our faith finally paid off! Woo! Happy day :)
Well, really, i think that's all. Sorry its kinda a lame letter but i just can't think of anything else that was really that cool.
This morning i studied some pretty cool stuff about the prodigal son. I just love that story because its like what we are doing right now! We are finding all of the lost "sons" and bringing them back so that our heavenly father can rejoice for their return!
I love you all, I love being a missionary, I love ecuador!
Hermana Whitmore
PS if you can pray for my investigators: dana y jhonny pogo. and these menos activos: Shirley Barreto, and Luis Pesantes and family, Victoria, and Christian. I would greatly appreciate it!

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