Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Most of the month of May 2014

No letter on May 12th, just a phone call home on Mother's Day!!

Hermanas in their new dresses!

Miracle time!

May 19, 2014
 2:28 PM

Dearest familia,

Not much happened this week BUT I have been watching the most amazing miracle happen. One of our investigators, started out as we only invited him to church and he came. So we went and put a baptismal date and THEN found out that he has been doing drugs 3-4 times a day for 4 years! We taught him the word of wisdom gave him a book of mormon and really he has done the rest. He stopped the drugs cold turkey and hasn't had any problems. He told us that every time he feels tempted he just reads the BOM or says a prayer. He has read all of 1 and 2 Nephi in a week! He also taught himself to use the footnotes and the whole plan of salvation. He is sooo amazing. We were sitting outside talking to his neighbor and he walked past with all of his dvds because he didn't want the temptation! AH! seriously, there are no words for how amazing it is to see someone change so completely with the help of the gospel! 

ok, so this neighbor of David is Patricia and she is going to get baptized this week! POR FIN we have baptisms! Her kids are getting baptized in two weeks! AH mi primer familia :) 

And the other fantastic thing that happened this week was that we had lasagna!!!!! bah! it was awesome, minus the pile of rice that came with it... seriously whats with the rice people? i do not need more carbs! haha

Welp, thats all i got for you this week folks!

Love you all!

Hermana Whitmore

Picture 1:This is what i do when I'm waiting for my companion on pday! 
Pic 2: Writing (typing)  letters on pday!

Another week in the REAL paradise :)May 26, 2014 1:32 PM 

Hola familia,

I love hearing the different sides of your cruise stories and the reaction of when you got home! haha Awesome! I hope you enjoyed yourselves because i sure did this week! We´ve been working and working and working and finally it all paid off! We finally got to see a baptism here in the Aurora. Her name is Patricia, and she a single mom with 7 kids! Yikas. 2 of them will be baptized next week. She is so great and has a good little testimony started of how the gospel can help the family. We´ve been working so hard this week to get our program set. We are working with a lot of people and families! Its so awesome to work with the members and get their friends to come to church. Its so much more meaningful to them both! 

Most of the week was normal, just the regular working and working and working. I love learning from my companion! She is a convert of 3 years and has soooo much knowledge of the scriptures. I hope i can really use this time wisely to learn as much as i can! 

I have to apologize... i don't have any really cool stories to tell you... I did learn that i can follow the spirit this week. We were in a lesson with 3 supposed menos activos, which usually means we talk about the sacrament. But i felt like we needed to cover all of lesson 3, sooo then we found out that 2 of them have never actually been baptized and we put 2 new fechas! Woo hoo espiritu santo. So that's my awesome missionary experience this week! 

Love you all! hope you have
a great week :)

Hermana Whitmore

picture 1: p-day papas! 
Picture 2: Patricia and most of the herd!

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